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the chicago cubsTHE CHICAGO CUBS: No one can believe how awful the (currently 56-36 60.9%) Chicago Cubs have been after such a great start of 45-20 SU (69.2%) up until the 17th of June. We caught on early and rode the fade for a couple bets I think it was; however, now maybe we should reassess things. Here’s why:
  1. The Chicago Cubs are 3-1 since the All Star Break / start of second half of the MLB season.
  2. They won their game going into the Break
  3. Afformentioned game ended a massive streak of 22 back to back (no rest) games in which
    -they’d have another game the next day
    -59% of the game were tough ones (vs plus .500 teams)!
  4. The Chicago Cubs are a good team. They were 45-20 SU 69.2% prior to this nasty schedule starting.

Conclusion: The Chicago Cubs…

…went 7-15 SU (31.8%) during those extremely rough 22 games and lost backers and incredible amount of money and roi (-$1,848 and 73.3% roi to fade the Cubs! or -45.9% roi to back). They had to have been both tired possibly thinking about resting on some amazing laurels (a 45-20 69.2% SU team record) going into that bum streak. Perhaps management was thinking about pacing as well and getting the team back under the radar. Remember, the Cubs have traditionally been terrible and have the worst championship draught in all of professional North American sports history!
'Welcome to Wrigley Field' Chicago (IL) 2012Now this sort of paints a clearer picture! The Cubs are still a good team and I’m not really interested in fading them in the second half. I had this thought the day we went into all star break and their 4 games coming out of break confirmed my hypothesis.
We’ll see where the future takes the Chicago Cubs…
Tom Herbert <![CDATA[Winning Sports Betting Systems Part II]]> 2016-07-06T23:55:17Z 2016-07-06T15:40:05Z Earlier today we posted a suggested play on the Detroit Tigers 112 on the road in our post titled, ‘Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds.’ The Tigers crushed the Indians 12-2! Here’s another one for today:

Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds Part II

  • winning sports betting systemsThe Orioles are 12-5-1 OU since May 27, 2016 on the road
  • The Orioles are 36-23-3 OU since Apr 28, 2016
  • FILTER: The OVER is 44-18-6 25.05 units since 2014 when the Dodgers are home favorites of 110 or more. Total set over 6 runs.
  • The Brewers are 14-27 since Oct 01, 2015 on the road
  • The Nationals are 12-3 since May 29, 2016 at home
  • WINNING SPORTS BETTING SYSTEM OF THE DAY (Supports a play on the NationalsHome Favorites are money on the blind in July; the heart of the season; They have been 820-453 186.87 units SU under the following conditions: it isn’t Monday or Tuesday; No extreme lines; it isn’t series game 1; no 1 or 2 game series; no games that start very late at night and they didn’t just have game with a lot of errors.

These are very compelling reasons to take BOTH the Washington Nationals as home favorites plus the Over in the LA Dodgers/ BAL Orioles game (over 7.5). Let’s see if we can go 3-0 today.

Best of luck,

Tom Herbert <![CDATA[Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds]]> 2016-07-06T23:43:18Z 2016-07-06T09:21:15Z Every week we post five or so winning sports betting systems active for the day and try to imply a suggested wager. Mostly for fun, but our record on these in stunning; over 59% now. Here’s what we have for today:

Winning Sports Betting Systems for Weds

  • winning sports bettingOAK013: The Athletics are 21-6 OU when they blew a lead in their starters last start and lost and it is not the first game of a series.
  • The Cubs are 4-14 since May 15, 2016 at home
  • The Red Sox are 103-73-8 since Jun 11, 2015
  • The Pirates are 100-73-5 since Jun 21, 2015
  • The Angels are 5-14 since May 24, 2016 on the road. The Angels are 64-87 since Jul 23, 2015
  • The Giants are 22-11 since Apr 22, 2016 at home
  • The Tigers are 29-18 since May 15, 2016
  • Since 2004, Sub .600 Underdogs against plus .600 teams off of a win go 623-715 153.71 units.

Let’s take the Detroit Tigers today as our best bet as road underdogs!

Best of luck,

Tom Herbert <![CDATA[Top MLB Sports Betting System]]> 2016-07-03T16:55:35Z 2016-07-03T16:54:58Z I haven’t done this in a while; today, I am going over over a year of performance of sports betting system and trends I put in my relatively new Trend Mart product that you guys get from my partners and me for a member discounted amount on the side of your PCG subscription.


sports betting system

The ‘PCG Trend Mart’ Results are as follows:
Some trends did well and other trends did not; Overall, many more trends performed positively than negatively, and overall, there has been a net gain of profit INCLUDING loss of vig where two bets cancel each other out; that is exactly what I expected to see, but not with so much success. SDQL is truly an amazing thing.
In particular, we see trends that strongly follow my points outlined in the what-to-look-for-in-a-system write up here: PCG TREND MART SAMPLE SPORTSBETTING SYSTEM did much better than things that strayed from the rules I set from the start.
In particular, I found that sports betting systems that followed rules #1, #2, and #4 were the real winners. (That’s #1. Logical system #2. Simple (not-backfitted) #4. Large sample size)
For MLB, here is an sdql system of ours that started off 788-324 210.46 units, 11.1% roi SU This trend went 77-31 19.72 units since it was found / developed and inserted into the database you subscribe to for me over the Killersports.
The Sports Betting System Parameters:
1. Play on team averaging less than 0.260 hits / at bats
2. Large -150 to -300 favorite
3. Opponent starter has sub 4.50 ERA
4. Late regular season (from July to September)
5. Team was not just shut out and opponent did not just score over 6 runs last game. No momentum either way.
Full trend description: In database history (since 2004), -150 to -300 favorites averaging less than 0.260 hits / at bats are 790-326 ( 1.6 rpg, 70.8% SU, 208.91 units) in the second half of regular season as long as they weren’t shut out last game and/or opponent doesn’t have strong forward momentum.
Logic: This system pinwheels around the ‘Nose-Pincher’ ‘Gut-Twister’ premise: That is, the more a bet stinks in the average Joe’s eyes, the better it probably is. Think about it on this one: who wants to bet huge chalk against a good starting pitcher for a team with a struggling offense. Seems too easy to take the dog here; when something looks too easy and feel very comfortable to bet, it probably is.
Simple: While this isn’t the most simple system I have in my arsenal (compare to my NFL system where we’re just looking for a team that hasn’t won a single game); it is still pretty much to the point. You’re making a contrarian chalked up wager banking on the idea that the linemakers did the work for us on this one; they probably know something we don’t and we’ll let them sweat out the hard work.
Large sample size: it started with a sample size of over 1000 games and a massive z-score. The z-score is now over 4.4 for JUST the forward results (77-31 SU).
tA(hits/at bats) <= .26 and -150>line>=-300 and o:STDSERA <= 4.5 and 10>month>6 and p:runs>0 and op:runs<7
Please read and act:
Note: In the plain English descriptions via the PCG Trend Mart, I time stamp the trends putting the initial record in the text. I’ve been pushing for a better way, and apparently so has my friend Ed Meyer (brother of Joe Meyer who is the owner and brains behind SDQL).
*My thought is to show two records on active trends: overall record for the sdql trend PLUS record since the date you saved the trend in the database. If you’re for this progressive feature as well, please send a product feature request to Mr. Joe Meyer at
Also, do let me know at if you liked this writeup and would like to see more emails like this!
Tom Herbert <![CDATA[Response to Reader: MLB ‘Handles’ Betting System]]> 2016-06-22T14:47:17Z 2016-06-22T14:46:18Z

Originally Posted by royboymiami:

Hey Herb Quick Question

After watching the ARZ game where the underdog +100 won SU
and the underhit -8.5

I saw the same exact line for Col v Marlins and I took Colorado +100 and under 8.5 BOTH HIT

Do you ever see underdog lines that are simialr and have the same results at the end of games… I was surprised both underdogs won str8 up and the game went under

Interesting. First thought I have is that it is coicidental, but anything is worth digging into….so long as you lean heavier on seeing most things as variance and not worth betting.

Here’s what I’ve seen:

#1. Since 2004, when the total has been very high (>10), the Underdog has profitted on the blind: 740-944 +23.67 units. Large sample, simple premise; this has to be considered whatever you’re doing.

#2. MLB has ‘handles’; 7 and 9. That is, where the actual scores of games most commonly land. With that said, the total 8.5 is a funny one right under a major handle. 8.5 is also the most commonly lined total (right a bit above 9) in all games since 2004. In those games, the home dog is 386-410 +62.90 units SU when the game went under the total. Perhaps an indication that: when you see that line (8.5) and like the under, maybe take a look at the home dog as well….

I don’t want to lead you down the wrong path there with #2. That might all be hogwash; whereas, I actually think there is something to #1 and believe it might be something worth pursuing…making a system out of one specific (arbirtray let’s say) integral total is a statistical no-no.

Tom Herbert <![CDATA[Daily Sports Betting Systems: Astros Under]]> 2016-05-21T15:25:52Z 2016-05-21T15:25:52Z Here are some of the top sports betting systems we’re looking at for today:

MLB Sports Betting Systems:

  1. The Mariners are 15-0 SU as a 130+ favorite when opponents starter has an ERA of higher than 3.85 on the season.
  2. The Blue Jays are 10-0 OU after a win in which they did not walk the opponent.
  3. The Rangers are 0-13 OU after a road game in which they struck out at least ten times and it is not the first game of a series.
  4. The Nationals are 0-15 OU on the road off a road game when seeking same season revenge vs their opponents starting pitcher.
  5. The Mets are 0-18 RL as a home favorite when opponents starter has an ERA of higher than 3.7 on the season.
Tom Herbert <![CDATA[A Money Management Sports Betting System Strategy!]]> 2016-04-20T17:50:04Z 2016-04-20T17:46:00Z Note: Here is an excellent essay on sports betting system money management written in 2011 by my friend Russ in the googlegroup forum. I don’t completely agree that this is the best way to do things, but the thoughts are so incredibly solid. Let it be a starting point for you to develop your own money management sports betting system strategy!

A Different Perspective on Money Management
By. Mr. East

Let me begin by saying, I am not a gambler, but an astute investor, and 10% of my portfolio happens to revolve around sports, because I am good at it, or let’s say  learned how to be good at it.

There is one critical area where I differ from anyone else you will ever see in this culture. I don’t view sports wagering as a football season, or a baseball season, I view it as a continuous investment cycle measured in 5 year increments. I happen to play 6 sports per year (MLB,WNBA,NCAAF,NFL,NCAAB,NBA). I have invested a total of 4,000.00 per sport, or a total investment of 24,000 in sports related investments.

money managementLet’s assume you had money to invest, and sought out a savvy financial guru to help you. You liked his track record, is approach, and decided to opt with him (or her). You hand him the money you want to invest, and let’s say it is the same 24,000.

Three months later you take a peek at your portfolio and the stock market is going down fast, and with it your portfolio is showing a 20% loss! You also notice he is buying more stocks, because that is the right strategy! So if your measuring him over 3 months, he can’t possibly help you! If you don’t give him at least 4-5 years, he knows he can’t help you, because there are fluctuations within the marketplace, but he also knows, long term, he will benefit from them!

See, sports wagering is exactly the same, but 99.9% of people approach  it completely differently! If they have a losing football season, it’s over, they lost! Hold on! if you tapped out, your right you did lose, and money management is your issue, sound familiar?

Here is my approach. I know I will win in every sport over 5 years, I don’t know which year I will win in which sports, but I don’t really care. NCAAB season just ended. I connected on 55.2% of all wagers. I closed my account, as opposed to allow it to lie dormant, and put it where I can continue to get a return, but also ensure it is liquid, because come Novemebr I’m back in. The 4,000.00 was initially wagered at 200.00 per game, a 20-1 ratio which by the way is not large enough!..but I have enough experience with systems I run to hand play out every game for at least 7 years to see what is the worst position I will ever be in, and if I have a cushion, I’m good.

My season never ends! I now take the baseball capital and load up in April, and do the same thing. I’m diversified, I have 6 sports, I will win over 5 years, it may be baseball that carries the load, it may be football, I don’t know which, but they all have good track records.

I challenge anyone to have the discipline to do this! If you are capable of winning 53.5%, read that again, 53.5% you will be rich! Most think if you hit less than 55,56…60% you can’t make money. Do you realize why Vegas throws card counters in blackjack out who have a 1-2.5% advantage? because they will get rich!

The secret is treating this as a singular investment that doesn’t end with the Superbowl, or the World Seriers, it ends in 5 years, and reevaluate.

See in 5 years at 55% 4,000 becomes 47,000! Read that again. HOW you ask? because the 20-1 ratio of wagers I expand to 25-1 for added protection, so when the account reaches 6,000 the wager size is now 250 a game, then 300, then 400, etc. Then I spend 6 months when that sport ends collecting interest on the money, and reinvest in the next season.

I don’t care if you have 100 or 4000 or 40000 if your not doing this, you can win 55%+ and you will lose in the end!

-Mr. East (Russ)