NHL: +192 Dog SU Winner…

Toronto Maple Leafs Win

Game Score Status Pick Amount
Toronto 7:00 PM ET Toronto +192 1.00
Pittsburgh      WINNER!  
We’ve got a medium to large sized road dog here with less than 10% of the bets. I have an SDQL link that roughly guages that:
…so you can have an early heads up on these ones. ***Keep in mind that this public database uses office pool bet percents though rather than actual sportsbook averages so you’d want to do some studying on your own in addition. (I have actual bet percent feeds).
*Another simple system works out for Toronto today: Toronto is off of a tight 1 goal loss now facing the Penguins who’ve been plowing through teams…2 straight wins by 2+ goals. Teams in Toronto’s spot get an average line of +112.8 (we’re getting a whole lot more here) and come through at 52%! (119-110).

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