The Bottom Line Of Sports Betting

Taking Edges The bottom line in sports betting is not complicated. If you want to win, you will have to really work at it. Here are some insights into taking edges: * Never bet on impulse. How many times during the year does a bettor quickly scan a betting line, call his bookmaker and get into action? It is impossible ... More

CFL Season is now a Perfect 7-0

CFL RAW NUMBERS 3-3-2 on all CFL raw numbers last week, but we picked the right ones. Perfect 5-0 on the season. Let's try to continue that... FRIDAY, JULY 24 Game Result Status Pick Amount Toronto WINNER! 10:00 PM ET Toronto +3 1.00 BC Lions - SATURDAY, JULY 25 Game Re... More

A Perfect CFL Season Continues…

Yesterday goes to show you: everything can add up (or at least a very huge amount of things) and it can all still go wrong. I plan to go back and watch the Angel's game to snuff out what may have gone wrong, but I'm pretty sure I already know: Scoscia didn't get the team competitive fat and happy off of a long string of ... More

Another Win Brings in a 21-4 Run!!

3-1 yesterday. Run extends to 20-5 -- ... More

Perfect CFL Season 4-0

Last week all CFL Raw Number Edges went 5-1. We're a perfect 3-0 now on the season... -- MLB RAW NUMBERS No games until tomorrow. Here is a link to the first game after break system again: 70-19 (+2.09, 78.7%, +45.52 units, +36.7% roi) SU CFL RAW NUMBERS THURSDAY, JULY 16 Game Result Status Pick Amo... More

Heading into All Star Break on 9-2 run…

Hard work and discipline pays off. Nice run on the top picks and much higher roi than the 'daily consideration' group that I'd normally be taking. Exactly what I was hoping to see. I think this procedure will stick! -- ... More

A 2-0 Wednesday

MLB RAW NUMBERS Game Result Status Pick Amount Oakland WINNER! 7:05 PM ET NY Yankees -101 1.00 NY Yankees - San Diego WINNER! 7:05 PM ET Pittsburgh -132 1.00 Pittsburgh - Daily Considerations: LAA, BAL, CUBS/STL U7, PIT/SDG U7, JAYS Overall these are now 2... More

Swept the Card for the Fourth…

Have a good and safe one folks! -- MLB RAW NUMBERS... More

What to Bet on the Fourth of July

One thing the Fourth of July does is bring in the home crowd. The Fourth of July is MLB's big day of the year where everyone is off work and looking for something to do. Add to the appeal of going to a baseball game, there are usually post game fireworks. So what profits on the Fourth of July? Hmm. Let me take a guess? ... More

Another Winner Today…

MLB RAW NUMBERS Yesterday's 'Daily Considerations' went: 3-0 plus 2-0 on the top ones. KC W, SFO W, MIN/MIL U8 W I'll keep sharing these. I personally took them all late for a 5-0 day. Got a lot of good feedback on the idea of giving my leans that I may bet later out along with the official early picks. Someone also ... More